Friday, June 4, 2010

John Boehner - Embarrassing Ohio Since 1990

I can't take it anymore. John Boehner has become the Johnny Appleseed of shame.

Is it even possible for Man Tan to open his mouth without something inexplicable tumbling out? I doubt it. Here's his latest peculiar utterance, based on comments Paul McCartney made after receiving the Gershwin Prize and performing at the White House.

McCartney: "It's a fantastic honor (for) the Gershwin family to give me this incredible award and for me to be awarded it by the Library of Congress. And in fact, after the last eight years, it's great to have a president who knows what a library is."

Boehner: "I hope he'll apologize to the American people for his conduct, which demeaned him, the White House and President Obama,"

Say what, Orangina?

I'm not the first to point out that McCartney's popularity - even considering the Wings years - is markedly highly than W's. And McCartney is part of a rather large mob that has made fun of the former president's perceived intellectual horsepower.

There's plenty going on in the country that's perfectly worthy of some outrage, real or imagined. A certain oil spill comes to mind. But Boehner has decided that a joking geriatric Liverpool native is worthy of both barrels.

Ready. Fire. AIM!

I've been an Ohio resident since 1995, and for the longest time, if asked about Boehner, my response would be, "Who?"

Good times. Good times.

In 2006, Boehner became House Majority Leader after dancing Tom DeLay was forced to resign, and Boehner managed to absolutely not distinguish himself before his party lost the majority that same year, and he become the GOP's Bill Murray, strapped to the mast of the Sailboat Baffling as it drifted aimlessly in the prevailing currents, pulling into port from time to time for the crew to stock up on rum and yell at the darkies.

As an Ohioian, let me be clear. We've seen enough. If the stooges in OH-08 want to keep the chain-smoking leatherman as their elected official, that's up to them. It's true that you get the representation you deserve. The rest of us want him to go away.

No more ludicrous, indefensible positions. No more ridiculous fundraisers where a pittance goes to party coffers after the top 2/3 is skimmed off for expenses. No more repealing health care while rolling back stimulus spending demagoguery.

John, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. You make no sense, and you're so transparently impotent that you're not salvageable.

Don't go away mad. Just go away.

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