Sunday, June 13, 2010

Drunk Ohio Woman Poops Pants During Traffic Stop, Blames Corn

Pick the true statements from the following list:

  1. 46 year old Wendy Phillips was driving drunk.
  2. Her 4 year old daughter was in the back seat.
  3. She pulled in front of a police cruiser and nearly crashed into a stop sign.
  4. She tossed an empty vodka bottle out the window, breaking it on the courthouse driveway.
  5. She shit her pants during the traffic stop, blaming it on eating too much corn.
  6. She is one of the worst mothers on the planet.
If you picked all of the above, you are correct-a-mundo.

Phillips has a previous drunk driving charge, so she's obviously attempting to top her prior effort. One of these days, she's going to kill someone. Let's hope that it's not her innocent daughter.

Now would be a good time for those zero-tolerance drunk driving sentences to kick in.


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