Monday, June 28, 2010

Fred Thompson, Sleazy Huckster

It seems like only yesterday that Fred Thompson was sleepwalking his way through a doomed bid to win the Republican nomination and eventually lose to Barack Obama.

He was a true small government conservative though, with his fake pick-up truck and ginned up populism. Government needs to get out of the people's biz-ness. Government spending is out of control. Boot-strapping. Law & Order. Blech.

Now Fred is shilling for reverse mortgages that target his peers - old folks who can't afford their medicine because Republicans like Thompson keep shitting on meaningful health care reform.

Did you catch the "full government backup" angle there? Holy negative equity, Batman! Government guarantees of private loans seem, on the surface, diametrically opposed to every tenet Thompson formerly espoused on the campaign trail.

Perhaps Thompson is simply reading from the worn Republican script in which it's perfectly acceptable to ignore your belief system if you can make a bathtub of cash in the process.

Observation: Fred is really beginning to resemble E.T.

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