Monday, October 6, 2008

Is This Greatness?

As we sit here and listen to the increasingly shrill, negative narrative coming out of the McCain campaign, as his desperation grows and his time shrinks, more and more people are pointing out the stark differences between the person McCain has claimed to be, and the kind of person he is showing himself to be.

James Fallows comments on this in his article, Our Capacity for Self Government:

If John McCain has a better set of plans to deal with the immediate crisis, and the medium-term real-economy fallout, and the real global problems of the era -- fine, let him win on those. But it is beneath the dignity he had as a Naval officer to wallow in this mindless BS. I will say nothing about the dignity of a candidate who repeatedly winks at the public, Hooters-waitress style. A great country acts great when it matters. This is a time when it matters -- for politicians in the points they raise, for journalists in the subjects they write about and the questions they ask of candidates. And, yes, for voters.

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