Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another Fabulous Rachel Maddow Article has a pretty decent article on Rachel, which they snagged from, entitled Maddow Makes MSNBC Look Smart. Umm, yeah!

Here's why I like Rachel so much: After you established yourself as a TV talking head you were pretty outspoken about wanting to have a show of your own.

Rachel Maddow: Which apparently is rude -- or is at least not what people do. It was like when Joe Biden was asked if he would like to be vice president. He was like "Yeah! I'd love to be vice president!" You're not supposed to say it that way. I sort of feel like I did the same thing. I wanted to host because I wanted the opportunity to decide what I talked about rather than to just be booked on whatever and have the producer or host decide what I ought to talk about. The thing that is immensely rewarding to me about hosting a radio show all these years (on Air America) is looking at the universe that is the news of the day and deciding what it is I have to say about it. Story selection and editorial decisions are intellectually and emotionally gratifying to me. I wanted to do that in TV.

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