Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TSA Expands War on Needles in Haystacks - Will Swab Random Hands

According to the TSA blog, Explosive Trace Detection at security checkpoints has proven so wildly successful at keeping people from getting on airplanes with panties made of TNT that they are taking the technology mobile.

That's right. As you sit at gate 34 munching on a $12 Au Bon Pain honey butter pecan bagel braid, you can expect steely-eyed TSA agents to swoop in and swab your fingers for explosives in an sophisticated expansion of the TSA's "Even A Blind Dog Can Find A Bone Once In A While" security program.

For a detailed look at what happens when you write scathing editorials about the TSA and then try to get on an airplane, see my post I'm So Glad The TSA Touched Me, Because I'm Special.

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