Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heavy Snow and Global Warming Can Coexist, Einstein

I've shoveled about 20 inches of snow in the last week, with more forecast. I'm no fan of grueling manual labor, but I am developing a deepening relationship with ibuprofen.

That said, needing to salt my sidewalk, in Ohio, in February, does not invalidate the climatic warming trend we've seen in the last decade. And people who say Al Gore is full of shit because it's been a cold, snowy winter should shut up.

Do these muttonheads even take a look at available data before they urp their ignorance on the rest of us? Of course not. They can't let little things like facts get in the way of their persecution theories.

As the climate warms up, oceans and lakes evaporate more. 3rd grade science, remember? This results in more water vapor in the air.

What happens when there's more moisture in the air? More precipitation, from heavy snows in the midwest and east to torrential rains on the west coast. Because it's getting hotter. Get it?

Put a kettle of H2O on the stove, turn up the burner, and what happens? The moisture goes up in the air. It doesn't disappear. It doesn't transform into a pillar of salt. It disperses into the room.

There's this thing called a humidifier. Look into it.

Oh, and shut up.

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