Sunday, July 4, 2010

Missing George Carlin on Independence Day

I last saw George Carlin at the Palace Theater in Columbus, Ohio less than a year before he died. He wasn't at the top of his game, needing to refer to a huge notebook for some of his material, claiming that they had added a bunch of stuff for this tour and he hadn't gotten it all down yet.

There wasn't much new material. George was old, and tired, and near the end of the race. But he was still furious.

On this Independence Day, you should be furious too.

When Alan Simpson, chairman of the Obama Debt Commission, overtly states that changes to Social Security are down the road, odds are he's not talking about raising the income level above the current $106K to make the rich folks pay taxes on their elevated income. It's obvious that the preferred solution is to increase the retirement age, cut benefits, or both.

George was prescient.

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