Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Microsoft's 'Community Watch' Approach to Security

Ars Technica reports:

At the Black Hat security conference today, Microsoft championed a new approach to addressing security issues. The new emphasis is on collaboration between software vendors and security researchers to ensure that customers are kept as safe as possible.

Microsoft likened its approach to Neighborhood Watch schemes—secure computing cannot be achieved with software vendors and researchers all working independently; the landscape is too complex and the attackers are too numerous for this approach to work. Instead, companies must set aside their differences and work together to safeguard customers.

I'm familiar with how neighborhood watches operate. Come with me while I take a jaunty trek through Mr. Ballmer's Neighborhood.

Hey Steve. You left your garage door open.
Yo. Steve-o. Your front door was ajar all night. Again.
Did you know all your Windows are cracked, Steve?
Nice siding and shutters you've got there, Steve. Plan on installing a roof?
Umm, not sure if you noticed, Steve, but Linus Torvald's house seems to have a cloak of invisibility.

Remember, we're all in this together.

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