Saturday, December 18, 2010

DeNiro and Hoffman Deadpan Letterman Appearance

While granting that the Fokker franchise is a long way from "Taxi Driver" or "The Graduate", if they're going to agree to shill for their latest film on the talk show circuit, shouldn't DeNiro and Hoffman at least sit up straight in their chairs?

Watching Letterman read past movie glories from sheets of paper while his guests schlumped down in their seats was probably as painful to perform as it was to watch, but I'm not a professional TV watcher, while they are considered highly-regarded actors.

So act interested, will ya?

What an awkward segment.

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  1. I agree. At first I thought Letterman had cheap chairs with sagging cushions by the way 'Bobby' was slouched down in his; then I noticed Dustin started to sink down in his chair too. It was a very painful episode of Letterman to watch. I turned it off before I started crying as the sadness of it all! I guess some actors are just meant to act, not be charming guests!!!


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