Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain's Suspension Bridge to Nowhere

Frank Rich, is his weekly NY Times column, calls out John McCain for many sins, mostly revolving around the alleged decency and honor that McCain has used in his career that now is being shown for what it is - a mask to be worn and removed whenever it serves his goals, which currently includes the oval office.

Rich is especially incensed on the topic of McCain riding into Washington on his white horse, determined to save the country from the looming financial meltdown. Best excerpt:

By the time he arrived, there already was a bipartisan agreement in principle. It collapsed hours later at the meeting convened by the president in the Cabinet Room. Rather than help try to resuscitate Wall Street’s bloodied bulls, McCain was determined to be the bull in Washington’s legislative china shop, running around town and playing both sides of his divided party against Congress’s middle. Once others eventually forged a path out of the wreckage, he’d inflate, if not outright fictionalize, his own role in cleaning up the mess his mischief helped make. Or so he hoped, until his ignominious retreat.

The question is why would a man who forever advertises his own honor toy so selfishly with our national interest at a time of crisis. I’ll leave any physiological explanations to gerontologists — if they can get hold of his complete medical records — and any armchair psychoanalysis to the sundry McCain press acolytes who have sorrowfully tried to rationalize his erratic behavior this year. The other answers, all putting politics first, can be found by examining the 24 hours before he decided to “suspend” campaigning and swoop down on the Capitol to save America from the Sunnis or the Shia, or whoever perpetrated all those credit-default swaps.

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